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March 2021

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  1. March 1

    Historic Preservation Commission Virtual Meeting at 5:15 PM Please open calendar event for meeting instructions.
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  2. March 1

    Law Enforcement and Prosecution Virtual Information Session at 6:00 PM Please open calendar event for meeting instructions.
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  1. March 2

    Transportation Commission Virtual Meeting at 7:30 AM Please open calendar event for meeting instructions.
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  2. March 3

    River Commission Virtual Meeting at 7:30 AM Please open calendar event for meeting instructions.
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  1. Imagine Glenwood y la ciudad de Glenwood Springs para albergar el Ayuntamiento el 11 de Marzo

    Imagine Glenwood y la ciudad de Glenwood Springs serán co-anfitriones de "The State of Glenwood", un ayuntamiento virtual a las 5:30pm el jueves, 11 de Marzo de 2021. El evento virtual se transmitirá simultáneamente en inglés y español en Zoom. Read on...
  2. Glenwood Springs ofrece vales de vertedero para 2021 Spring Clean up

    La ciudad de Glenwood Springs está ofreciendo vales de vertedero para el Spring Clean up 2021. Read on...
  3. Cierre del camino Atkinson el lunes 22 de febrero

    Actualización: Atkinson Trail cerró del 22 al 24 de febrero para tráfico de peatones y bicicletas. Read on...
  4. Mitigación de desprendimientos de rocas y actualización del proyecto

    Los equipos de trabajo de South Midland han completado la instalación de los anclajes para la protección contra desprendimientos de rocas con malla metálica. Read on...
  5. La ciudad de Glenwood Springs revisa el aumento de las tasas de uso de agua

    Frente a las necesidades críticas de infraestructura por un total de aproximadamente $ 36 millones, la Ciudad está revisando los aumentos recomendados en las tarifas de agua y aguas residuales durante los próximos 10 años. Read on...
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  1. Imagine Glenwood and the City of Glenwood Springs to Host Virtual Town Hall on March 11, 2021

    Imagine Glenwood and The City of Glenwood Springs will co-host “The State of Glenwood,” a virtual Town Hall at 5:30pm on Thursday, March 11, 2021. The virtual event will be simulcast in English and Spanish on Zoom. Read on...
  2. Glenwood Springs Offers Landfill Vouchers for 2021 Spring Cleanup

    The City of Glenwood Springs is offering landfill vouchers for the 2021 Spring Cleanup. This is a proactive measure to limit employee-resident interactions to slow the potential spread, impacts, and damage of COVID-19. Read on...
  3. UPDATE: Atkinson Trail closure Monday, Feb. 22-24

    On Monday, February 22- Wednesday, February 24, Atkinson trail will be closed to through pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Read on...
  4. South Midland rockfall mitigation and project update

    South Midland crews have completed installation of the anchors for the wire mesh rockfall protection. Additional mesh and netting will also be installed for additional rockfall protection in some steep areas. Read on...
  5. City of Glenwood Springs Reviews Increasing Water Usage Rates Related to Infrastructure Needs

    Facing critical infrastructure needs and capital costs over the next 10 years, City Council is reviewing and will decide on water and wastewater rate increases over the next 10 years. City Council anticipates making a decision in the Spring of 2021. Read on...
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​Garfield County COVID-19 Updates

Level Blue Capacity Limits (1)

Please check the State's Public Health website on Colorado’s dial framework.

Consulte el sitio web de Salud Pública del Estado para obtener información sobre el sistema de marcado de Colorado.

COVID Dial Guidance Guidance

As Colorado continues to normalize operations, the State has set up a COVID-19 Dial Guidance to provide ongoing guidance related to the new phase. While the State provides overarching Safer at Home protocols, these are subject to county guidelines and enforcement.

In Colorado, local governments can choose to have different rules from the state. To get the most up-to-date information on local orders and variances, please review Garfield County Executive Orders.

New Covid-19 Dial

Help Stop the Spread

  • Stay at home as much as possible.
  • Practice good hygiene. Wash your hands frequently and don’t touch your face.
  • Wear a face covering or mask when you leave your home.

Additional Resources

Workers’ Rights and Resources Webpage

COVID-19 Business Resources